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Since this is a Back to School event, we WILL be accepting some summer items as well as fall/winter items. So, along with all non clothing items, we will be accepting all fall and winter clothing AS WELL AS shorts and summer shirts/dresses. We ask that you save your sandals and swimsuits for the spring event, next year.


We are OVER THE MOON to host our fall event in the North Pointe Shopping Center (next to Party City)! This is a safe venue with lots of parking and exposure to drive by traffic!

Item Limits

Junior Clothing is limited to 10 items sized 16 and up PER GENDER. Infant Clothing is limited to 25 items sized 0-9 months PER GENDER. If an item is sized 6-12 month or mentions anything bigger than 9 months, it will NOT be included in the limits. Shoes/bibs/etc are not included in the limits. Maternity Clothing: 10 items Hair Bows: 10 total and they will not be guaranteed. Again, we have had an abundance of these sizes, so, it's difficult to sell them. Bring your BEST and they WILL SELL!

Super Moms Shop the Earliest!

Supermoms are those volunteers that give 3 shifts worth of their time (one of which MUST be a sorting shift). It can be in the form of working in the store and/or bringing food for our hard workers. Any combination qualifies you as a 'SUPERMOM'; however, in order to shop at the 'SUPERMOM PRE-SALE' at 8pm on August 2nd, AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE 3 SHIFTS MUST BE A SORTING SHIFT. Sorting starts Wednesday, August 8th at 6pm and goes through to Friday, August 10th (including all day on Thursday the 9th). When you work a sort shift, you will be eligible to win some amazing prizes! Being a SUPERMOM also qualifies you to bypass ALL consignor lines!! So, you will go directly to the next inspector on drop off day and be the first in line on Pick up!! This is a HUGE PERK for busy moms! :)

Possible Limit to 60,000 items!

IF WE DO NOT GET ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS, we will have to limit the online data entry to 60,000 items. We simply cannot continue to grow this amazing community service if we are limited on help. We would rather have a moderate event with excellent organization, than a huge event that is chaotic! So, PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER!!! Ask your friends, family members, coworkers, employees, students, teachers, etc. to VOLUNTEER at Rhea Lana's! We have jobs to accommodate anyone! Need a sit down job? No problem! You will have a blast hanging out with us! PLUS, you will get a FREE T-SHIRT!

Rolling Racks

We will no longer have rolling racks available to use in the lobby on drop off day. You will be given a rolling rack once you are assigned to an inspector. We can give you the information where to purchase one of your own (around $60) or you can just bring your items in totes. Remember, with the new drive through drop off, this will be much easier!!

Hair Bows

Each consignor will be limited to 10 hair bows and they will NOT BE GUARANTEED.

Limit of 25 infant clothing items (0-9mos) per gender

We always have an abundance of these sizes which makes it difficult for consignors to sell their items in those sizes. Shoppers simply do not look at all of those racks because there are so many! So, BRING YOUR BEST and THEY WILL SELL!!

Limit of 10 Maternity Clothing Items

Maternity clothing only sells if it REALLY stands out! So, bring your VERY BEST maternity clothes and THEY WILL SELL!!

Continuing This Sale


Because of our high regard for the safety of children and in light of the recent ruling by the CPSC, Rhea Lana's Inc. will no longer be accepting ANY cribs manufactured before December 2010. Cribs manufactured between December 2010 and June 28, 2011, must have a certificate of compliance and not be recalled to be consigned with Rhea Lana's. Any crib manufactured after June 28, 2011, and has not been recalled, can be consigned as long as it meets Rhea Lana's quality standards.

Furniture Nook - Not just Children's Furniture!

Are you updating your home and looking for a way to sell your nice, but gently used household furniture? Let us help you! We accept tables, chairs, recliners, armoires, benches, school desks, media cabinets, hutches, bookcases, sofas, bedroom sets, wicker, patio sets, etc.

We GUARANTEE your items!

If an item is lost or stolen we will pay you for it just as if it sold. We are organized and careful with your things during the week you leave them with us. The only exception to this is if you waive that option in the "EXPRESS DROP OFF". LOSS is very low at Rhea Lana's. You can trust us and our careful accounting system with your items.

Admission is FREE!

Rhea Lana events always have free admission and parking! It is our pleasure to have you come to our event and bring your friends. If you are a consignor or a volunteer we do have a special PRE-SALE event for you. Each consignor and volunteer will also receive guest passes for their friends. You've earned the early shopping time! We will open to the public the next morning AFTER you shop!

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards

We offer this service so you can make your purchases easily when you check out. We do require a picture ID and a minimum of $5 purchase with all cards.

We ADVERTISE for you!

You will see our name around your neighborhoods, newspaper, radio and around town. We will be inviting others to shop and buy your items. We will have MANY moms-to-be who come as our guests and want to buy your wonderful baby equipment your family has outgrown. You won't have to organize a garage sale or ship your items to buyers, you can bring it to us and we'll be ready to help you sell your items for a great price.

Stuffed Animals

We ONLY allow stuffed animals that require batteries, Pillow Pets or are Disney or Build a Bear Brands. NO BEANIE BABIES will be accepted!

Voice Recognition Item Entry

Back by popular demand! You can still enter your items using your smartphone! It's fast and easy! Just log into our website with your consignor id and choose Voice Entry under the Add an Item heading. Be sure to listen to some of the examples of how it works, then click the microphone button on your keypad to get started. It's that easy and our consignors love it!

Drive Through Drop Off IS BACK!!

The ONLY requirement for this option is that your labels (stickers) are ALREADY ATTACHED!! We will have traffic directors on the North side of the building directing you where to go. The next car in line will be shown to pull up in the bay. We will help you unload your bins/furniture/etc and immediately take them to an inspection table. You will then move your car and park out front to come in the lobby as before. You will get your paperwork in the lobby and then stand in the line until we have an available inspector for you. At that time, you and the inspector will go to the table where your things are waiting and you will get a rolling rack as soon as one becomes available. This is a great way to bring your larger items such as furniture, large play equipment, strollers, high chairs, etc!

Express Drop Off

We are excited to continue EXPRESS DROP OFF for consignors! If you bring your items to drop off and they are tagged (you can tag them in the lobby if you would like), then you will sign a waiver of guarantee and we will do the inspections and put them on the sales floor without you having to wait! We will only offer this service to the first 30 consignors who wish to waive their guarantee, so come early! If you plan to donate your unsold items at the end, you might consider doing this option! It saves a TON OF TIME!