We Accept:

Start cleaning out your closets! Create a SPRING AND SUMMER Consignment tub and a FALL AND WINTER consignment tub with your children's BEST clothing AND shoes that they no longer wear. Don't forget sports attire, dress up outfits, pajamas, and play clothes in like-new condition. Shoppers love to buy high quality name brand and boutique items for less at our events. Nursery furniture, changing tables, gliders/rockers, bunk beds, and other children's furniture are among our most popular items. We also sell 95% of baby equipment and toys such as Jumparoos, high chairs, car seats, strollers, Bumbos, pack n plays, play kitchens, tool benches, and outdoor playsets! WE WILL ACCEPT ALL NEW IN PACKAGE ITEMS that may be given as a GIFT. See "Merchandise Prep" tab for a detailed list...... We are accepting FALL/WINTER clothing and shoes, accessories, purses, backpacks, indoor toys, outdoor toys, all children's bedroom and outdoor furniture, games, puzzles, craft supplies, baby equipment, newborn supplies, postpartum supplies, etc! We accept all breast pumps with the exception of Medela brand.

We Don't Accept:

See "How to Consign" tab for a detailed list..... No Antiques, Collectibles, Dishes, Decor that is not intended for a child's room, handmade decor, handmade blankets, VHS TAPES, household electronics. WE WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING NON MESH CRIB BUMPERS OR FORMAL DRESSES/FORMALS IN THE JUNIOR GIRL SIZES. If you have any questions, PLEASE check our consignor club Facebook page or email Sherrie@rhealana.com