We Accept:

  • Boy's sizes 0-20, girl's sizes 0-16 and junior sizes 1-11 in teen styles. All must be no more than 1-2 years old, clean and odor-free.
  • Infant clothing - priced competitively - its abundant!
  • Shoes in excellent condition
  • Baby furniture and equipment
  • Nursery accessories
  • High quality toys, books and video games
  • Sports accessories
  • Maternity clothing -in style and in good condition
  • Nursing tops, bra and other related items.

We Don't Accept:

  • Recalled Items. Click here for a helpful handbook from the Consumer Protect Safety Commission.
  • Out-of-date clothing - It will not sell!
  • Any item that is stained, torn or extremely worn.
  • Items with missing buttons, broken zippers or lost parts.
  • Battery operated toys without batteries.
  • Baby equipment that is not clean or has been recalled.
  • Bags of loose toys unless theme oriented (i.e. bags of all army toys, all McDonald toys, Barbie toys all cars and trucks, etc.)